State of War

I just watched part of a discussion on Al Jazeera TV.. they were talking about the apparent withdrawal of USA/allies troops from Afghanistan, effective 31/12/14.. BUT about 11,000 will remain in training/admin. roles (as discussed in my previous post) BUT they again affirmed that Opium production is at all time highs. (alleged to be under control of the ‘power brokers’)
I just wonder is the ‘War on Terror’ (in Afghanistan), really just an extension of the War on drugs ?

Most wars in the 20th century lasted 5-10 years.. but tended to run almost back-to-back (especially the USA-led ones). This has led many to think that War has just become on industry to keep their massive military machine employed. I include the War on drugs, because I see the increased militarisation of Police forces at the frontlines of this WAR (now probably the longest running : 43 years (?) or more ! This is further corroborated by the fact that many countries are backing away from the Drug War, but Police (& military) are still demanding its continuation.

Best wishes to my followers/readers.. hopefully 2015 will see the ‘winds of change’ blowing stronger.. especially here in Aotearoa/NZ !!

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