Radio interviews

I just listened to a recent radio segment from Radio NZ, about cannabis.. the first part was the interviewer asking various people, if they agree with legalisation; ALL said “Yes” in varying degrees.. including a doctor who said he should be able to prescribe it for patients who will benefit from it. The interviewer stated that it is no secret that Aotearoa/NZ has amongst the highest cannabis use rates in the world ! One person mentioned that law reform, would take the drug-trade from the gangs.
The next part was an interview with a doctor at Otago Uni. who explained his point of view on cannabis: its effects & attitudes to law reform, specifically medicinal uses.
The segment ended with an interview with a senior member of the Legalise cannabis party; (at the cannabis museum in Dunedin NZ) he explained that he had recently visited Colorado & seen the alternatives at work. He said that crime has dropped, as the trade was taken away from the black-market. He affirmed that it is PROHIBITION that is causing the harm to society & the economy of Aotearoa/NZ could benefit by about $1billion/year from law reform… about half from the reduced cost of policing & prosecuting.. the other half from taxes paid in a regulated/legal market (as is now happening overseas).
BUT are the other politicians listening ?

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