Divided opinions

I read that there are still many people who oppose ‘medical marijuana’ because they do not accept that it is being used purely for medicinal purposes.. the obvious issue to me, is using the word ‘marijuana’ in the medical context; ‘Marijuana’ maybe a common name for the drug, but it is a slang name & is like calling it ‘weed’ or ‘dope’ !
The name is actually a Mexican word that, after exclusive use to spread fear of the ‘killer weed’ or ‘assassin or youth’ became part of common language.. BUT the real scientific name is: CANNABIS & this term should be only used, in a medical context (in my opinion)

I hear that many in the medical profession are now accepting that it does have medicinal/therapeutic value (as a pain-killer, for relief of epileptic seizures & an increasing number of other conditions) & should be taken off the current, schedule 1 list (that states : most open to abuse & NO known medicinal or therapeutic value).. but it also sounds like there are many who are sceptical that this medical use is becoming too broad & going to recreational users too ! I have no doubt this could be true, but I also have no doubt that many other pharmaceutical drugs are going to the illegal black-market also.. eg cold/flu tablets often contain the active ingredients in ‘Methamphetamine’ & Opiates are widely prescribed to manage high levels of pain. Opiates are the same basic compound as the street-drug ‘Heroin’.

Again it just seems that fear & misinformation are fueling another push to stop the wider use of this drug, even to many who can benefit from it.

In closing, Alcohol is mostly consumed for its recreational/intoxicating effects.. but in many countries it is widely believed that a glass or two of red wine DOES have genuine medicinal/therapeutic value too. You can wrap things up in cotton-wool to protect them from harm.. but it is never a guarantee of success or maybe of it causing other more harmful side-effects… also you don’t need a sledgehammer to crack a walnut !

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