Mixed messages

I was reading a news item (online) written by someone claiming to have been a ‘marijuana addict’ for over 25 years.. I found it fascinating to read something that sent such a mixed message; the writer was indicating that they do not support current moves toward law reform !

I actually question the credibility of any person, who makes such a statement.. I understand that anyone, who has ‘suffered’ any addiction would more than likely promote : harm minimization, health care, education & rehab. as a better option. The writer is talking about ‘levels of harm’ from smoking & mentions supposed mental illness & damage associated with teenagers using. BUT it was bordering on ‘reefer madness’ & the often misrepresented nonsense/propaganda that is often pushed by the prohibitionists.

The other point, I question is their claim of ‘marijuana addiction’.. I accept that any drug could potentially become addictive (depending on level of use/abuse) BUT most modern research actually disputes that cannabis/’marijuana’ causes physical addiction in the usual sense (the body CRAVES it & has negative physical symptoms, if not taken).. it is more often described as a psychological ‘dependence’ (a strong desire).

Is this article another message of propaganda from the ‘anti-pot squad’ ?
It certainly sounded it to I&I
As I’ve stated many times; I do NOT promote drug use (especially by youth).. BUT I certainly do NOT support/accept misinformation & B-S either(ie prohibitionist propaganda) designed to spread fear & lies

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