Why do you oppose law reform ?

I asked someone today, directly.. ‘why do you oppose cannabis law reform ?’ This person has made it clear to me in the past, that they do not like/support the whole idea of recreational use !
I got a lot of ‘ums & ahs’ & then “I don’t like the idea of people getting high“. I responded ‘what about alcohol (which this person does drink).. that’s why people drink alcohol ?’ more ‘ums & ahs’
At this point I could only conclude that like many others.. they don’t see alcohol in the same light as ‘illegal drugs (cannabis)’. I can only put this down to subtle ‘brain washing’ (having their opinion shaped or maybe warped, by misinformation & propaganda ?)

I can understand this.. obviously a portion of the population were brought up (1940-50s) being told all the lies & misinformation, about the supposed effects of cannabis/’marijuana’ & maybe find it almost impossible to just ‘let it all go’ & remove their blinkers.

The main obstacle to law reform, besides these ‘ignorant’ people, is the apathetic ones.. who maybe know the truth, but just don’t care, because they are not effected (not cannabis users). BUT how would they feel, if something they enjoyed (eg alcohol) was suddenly made illegal ?
Where do we go from here ??
Several polls in Aotearoa/NZ, recently concur with other countries (over 50% support law reform) BUT most of these people seem unwilling to say it openly.. so the ‘power brokers’ just continue to say “there is not enough support” & go on their merry way.. wasting $100+millions on prohibition.

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