Well said Prof.

I read that an Emeritus Professor from Harvard Medical school has come out, in support of medicinal use of cannabis. Here are a few points raised (paraphrased) :

1) many think cannabis is a new therapeutic medicine.. but is in fact, ancient (over 10,000 years in Asia)

2) only known in Europe since the 17th century, but widely prescribed in 19th century.. to treat many illnesses & conditions, including Epilepsy

3) the most common use, was in a solution with alcohol & taken orally (not smoked)

4) the decline of cannabis medicines began with the invention of the hypodermic needle & injectable drugs (including opiates) cannabis was not easily made into such a drug/preparation.

5) the ‘Marihuana tax act 1937’ in USA effectively brought about cannabis prohibition.. that later became global.

6) it was not until the ‘rediscovery’ of its use in the 1960s (hippy generation) that it began a revival.

7) California introduced legislation in 1996 to allow medical use (prop. 420).. now expanded to 23 USA states & other western countries (but not NZ)

8) the Prof. began his research in 1967 & found ‘no credible medical or scientific basis for the justification of prohibition..’ at this time there was about 300,000 arrests annually in USA.. now even higher !

9) many widely available drugs (aspirin, opiates etc.) are more toxic & harmful than cannabis.

10) many who oppose med-use law reform, say ‘more studies required’.. yet there are apparently over 20,000 published studies !
how many more does it take ?

11) a 2008 study confirmed cannabis has a very low-level of toxicity & almost no side effects. No official deaths are attributed directly to its use.

12) the fact that cannabis is still listed as a ‘schedule 1 narcotic’ (high level of abuse & no known medical or therapeutic uses) needs to change..

“Well said Prof.”

I think the biggest thing needed, is for increasing numbers of ‘academics’ (especially doctors, professors etc.) to do likewise.. come out of the shadows & speak up !!

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