Report cannabis cultivation

I read on a local newspaper website.. that police are calling on all citizens to report suspected cannabis cultivation. They say it is often grown near public walking tracks (in bush areas). ‘.. bright lime-green colouring or because growers.. fence off the plots to prevent predation by pests’, the report stated ‘Police are committed to disrupting the supply chain & reducing the demand for cannabis’.. the spokesperson added ‘Cannabis destroyed lives & relationships & causes millions of dollars of social harm each year, (as does alcohol & tobacco) when users commit crimes such as burglary & theft to fund their habit’ (this actually is the result of a black-market.. caused as a direct result of prohibition)

Police urge anyone on the local area, with any information on DRUG cultivation or manufacture to contact them !

I’m waiting for the first annual report, that police ARE winning the war on cannabis.. then 3 cheers from the police minister (for again wasting $100million of tax payer money, that would be better spent on: education, rehab./treatment)

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