Tinny TV

I have seen a TV Ad. a few times.. a few ‘stoned guys’ appear to be making a TV show called ‘Tinny TV’.. with images of ‘bong’ smoking & getting ‘the munchies’ etc. (btw; for others, overseas.. a ‘tinny’ is a kiwi/NZ slang name for a ‘deal’ of cannabis wrapped in tin-foil
The Ad. closes with the guys driving & then swerving to miss a lady on a road-crossing.
The screen goes blank & the words ‘stoned drivers react slower’

Whilst I support efforts to educate people on drug use & the negative effects of driving ‘under the influence’.. I point out the following :

1) stereotyping & fear-mongering only strengthens the belief that this is, more an attack on ‘druggies’ rather than true education about driving stoned/high.

2) the highest number of road deaths are ALCOHOL related, this is rarely even mentioned. Drunk drivers tend to be aggressive/reckless & drive faster.. which is more likely to cause crashes. (IMO)

3) I accept the the ‘target group’ are young men (stoned) & driving, BUT cannabis is used by many people across many demographic groups.

As I say.. this Ad. seems more about attacking young ‘dope-fiends’ (stereotyping) rather than the supposed issue of driving under the influence of ‘Drugs’. Who ever put this thing together, is obviously taking a very narrow-minded approach !

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2 Responses to Tinny TV

  1. Tyler Durden says:

    Haha that ad is so funny, I started smoking weed the next day after I saw it, never looked back.

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