Pro-Pot concerns

I read on a few websites.. reports that ‘experts’ are concerned that over 7 million ‘tweets’ per month are ‘Pro-Pot’ (15 times higher than anti-Pot). Most of the tweets were from people under 25, many teens !
One of these experts said “The younger people are when they begin using marijuana, the more likely they are to become dependent….”
The report concluded that most of the tweets were; encouraging Pot use & legalisation & made claims of its ‘health benefits’. It also said that about 10% of tweets claimed to be from people who were using the drug & ‘high at the time’ (of posting)

The anti-Pot tweets stated users were ‘losers’ & unproductive & it was ‘unattractive’.

I actually doubt that this has revealed anything new.. maybe just the boom in social media, has given these people the conduit to ‘come out of the shadows’ & express their views. The reality is that over half of all people, will break their countries prohibition laws at least once (mostly cannabis) & at least 10% will use on an ongoing basis. (In Aotearoa/NZ.. amongst the highest levels 15-20% or maybe higher). Maybe it was time these experts stopped being so ‘concerned’ & just addressed it.. with: EDUCATION, legal regulation (R18+) & treatment/rehab. for those who have adverse reactions.. instead of fear-mongering & prohibition.
Methinks this is also reflecting the more realistic levels of cannabis use (not just the perceived or ‘officially reported’ ones)

I do not promote drug use OR breaking the law.. BUT I do not support PROHIBITION as any kind of solution !

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