Aust. Med-use

I read on a recent Australian newspaper site post.. 13% of 1500 chronic pain sufferers admit having used (illegal) cannabis for their pain relief. Most of these patients had already been prescribed Opiates. The report goes on to state :

1) Researchers found cannabis could be more effective in pain relief than other ‘conventional’ medicines

2) Many of the patients had severe Back-pain, Migraines or Arthritis. Many aged in 40s & 50s

3) Opiates are effective, but also more addictive & have other side effects. Some patients do in fact overdose & even die from opiate use.

4) a study found that there is an increase in patients seeking addiction treatment for use of current pain medicines : opiates, barbiturates etc.

5) the current regime is limited in its pain relief options & needs further review.. ie allowing other drugs, including cannabis

6) in USA there is a spiraling increase in opiate use, which is becoming a serious concern

7) Australia is about to commence clinical trials of cannabis, for epilepsy treatment, pain relief for the terminally ill & as a nausea suppressant for chemo-therapy patients

The report says that one MP stated :

“It is irrational & cruel to criminalise patients who are obtaining relief from chronic non-cancer pain using medicinal cannabis” He added “Waiting for yet more evidence before changing the law is a delaying tactic that will see tens of thousands of people suffering debilitating levels of pain needlessly

In light of a reported statement from a NZ minister.. our Govt. should open their eyes & just look at these developments across ‘the ditch’ (Tasman Sea).. before just drifting along with the status quo !

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