Gateway Theory

Further to my post about ‘Med-use Ignorance’.. alleged comments from a NZ minister, included ‘commonly considered a gateway drug to more harmful substances such as ‘P’ (Pure methamphetamine)’ referring to : Cannabis/’marijuana’

I find it unbelievable in this day & age, that a so-called educated ‘Minister of the Crown’ would repeat such drivel. The ‘gateway theory’ is just that; a THEORY & has been widely discredited… it is not cannabis that leads users onto ‘more harmful substances/DRUGS’ it is Black-market dealers !

I have seen it myself.. they may say to a regular cannabis user ‘I don’t have any ‘weed’ today.. why not try some of this ?’ (Heroin or ‘P’) & even give a free sample. They know that these drugs are more addictive & if they can get a cannabis user ‘hooked’ on one of these drugs, they can make a lot more cash (cannabis sells for about $20/gram, ‘P’ is about $1000/gram on the streets of NZ)

BUT again I state this ‘gateway B-S’ is just that & is just fear-mongering by those (Police, Politicians etc.) who wish to maintain the status quo. (PROHIBITION) for whatever reasons ?

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