More misinformation

Reading the alleged comments of our Justice minister (full of misinformation) I thought I may highlight some other things, Ive seen & heard about Cannabis/’Marijuana’ (‘Reefer madness’ etc.):

1) The Gateway theory.. discredited

2) The most violence causing drug known to mankind.. later reversed to; causes soldiers to become pacifists, unwilling to fight

3) Causes insanity.. sounding like, one ‘joint’ was all that was needed !

4) Causes ‘bloodlust’ & unleashing of uncontrolled passions & (sexual) desires

5) Many newspaper, radio & movie reports, further sensationalised it as : ‘The ASSASSIN of Youth’, ‘The Killer Weed’ & even as ‘The plant with its Roots in HELL’

6) It was reported that it made ‘Negroes’ think they were ‘as good as white men’

7) It made upstanding ‘white women’ tap their feet & even want to dance to JAZZ music (often referred to as ‘Devil’s Music’ )

8) It was reported that ‘marijuana smoking’ was perpetrated by ‘Negroes, Mexicans & Entertainers’ (Jazz Musicians)

Whilst it may sound unbelievable & even amusing.. these reports were passed off as TRUTH & some, still echo in the media today

Most of these alleged effects of ‘Marijuana’.. are so entrenched in the public psyche, that it seems many would prefer Prohibition over any other option.. even though it CAUSES : Black-markets, Organised crime/Gangsters (who will sell to children with money), Corruption at all levels of ‘officialdom’, Massive tax-payer funded ‘Prohibition Industry’ (DRUG Squads, Judiciary, Customs & Prisons/Correction).. only a small amount apparently goes into : Education, Treatment & Rehab. options.

The whole prohibition issue, has created a mystique around the drug (the ‘forbidden fruit’) that attracts, rather than turns youth away from it !!

BUT maybe the worst thing being : Medicinal Cannabis is still referred to as ‘Marijuana’ (by a majority) & still banned a this ‘narcotic drug’ that causes all this HARM to society (or is it really the effect of Prohibition ?) & many just seem either unable or unwilling to take their blinkers off & look at the FACTS, rather than the entrenched fear-mongering & misinformation… Apathy reigns in 2015

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