Hemp seed food.. BAN

I read that a joint ‘Trans-Tasman’ committee of ministers have recently ruled that Hemp seed is still illegal as a food option, in both Australia & Aotearoa/NZ. The report says ‘Several concerns were raised by some forum members, including… the marketing of hemp in food may send a confused message to consumers about the acceptability & safety of Cannabis‘, it was also said that .. hemp food could be made to look like ‘marijuana’ (what a load of B-S & misinformation)

I understand that Hemp seed is high in essential Omega fatty acids & several other healthy proteins. I have also read that it can be made into a ‘Milk’ similar to the products currently made from Soya beans.

This just leads (cynical) me to wonder whether there was lobbying by ‘other interested parties’ who may lose a portion of market share, if Hemp seed becomes commercially available as a food product ?

To say that Hemp seed is comparable to ‘marijuana’ or Cannabis.. is to my mind, like saying : ‘add a teaspoon of beer to a gallon of water & tell us all, its is now an intoxicant.. capable of getting you drunk !
From my research, I believe that Hemp is grown under strict regulation & contains less than 0.5% THC & the seeds are effectively inert (containing almost zero percent of any cannabinoids). To read such nonsense from Govt. ministers.. leads me to wonder “what are they smoking ?”

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