Survey of opinions

I conducted a survey of opinions on Cannabis, yesterday at a Street Market/Festival, in Dunedin NZ. Whilst it was only an indicative survey & likely answered mostly by ‘pro’ respondents. I tried to get as broad a group as possible across various demographics; The total number of people surveyed : 142 (over 6 hours). The survey took 1-2 minutes (including discussion). These the basic summarised results :

Males: 48%, Females: 52%
Age groups: 18-30: 46.4%, 31-45: 15%, 46-60: 24.3%, over 60: 14.3%

Survey Questions:

1) Do you support medical doctors being able to prescribe natural Cannabis for medicinal/therapeutic purposes.. for pain & other conditions ?
100% (ALL age groups) said “YES” to this question

2) Do you support adults (R18) being able to use natural Cannabis. within strict regulation guidelines ?
88% said “YES”, 7% said “NO” & 5% were undecided.
In the undecided group, some said they may support it, IF the age was 21+

3) I also asked if they were aware of the uses of HEMP (cannabis for industrial use) 86% said they had some knowledge.

My final question was:
4) ‘Have you ever tried Cannabis ?’ 86.6% of respondents said “YES” including at least half in the over 60 age group. One elderly lady (72 years) told me “she had tried it in her youth & was not ashamed to admit it”

The main thing that I feel does stick out very clearly : 100% said “YES to Medicinal use !!”

This is opposite of the ‘official Govt. line’ that says there is ‘little support for it’ (I wonder who they are asking ?)

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