Why is Cannabis Illegal ?

I have studied this question now for about 35 years & here is MY conclusion :

1) there are powerful groups that are benefiting from it
2) there are ‘moralistic’ groups who think, that it is somehow EVIL & should be abolished
3) there are black-market gangsters making HUGE profits from it
4) fear & misinformation dominates the whole debate
5) there is a massive law enforcement community, who rely upon it, for about a third of their employment
6) politicians are too afraid to admit they no longer support the status quo, BUT fear a back-lash at the next poll or election
7) apathy reigns
8) $million if not, $billions are spent annually to PROVE that cannabis causes a raft of HARM to society (even if its B-S)
9) the majority of people who oppose prohibition fear speaking out, for fear of being labelled ‘druggie’ etc.
10) a whole industry : customs, judiciary, prisons etc. also rely on prohibition, for their job protection !

I challenge anyone to tell me I am wrong… of course I could just accept the current situation (as many do) BUT there is a saying; “to thine own self be true”.. I could just kowtow to the B-S : cannabis CAUSES insanity, is a gateway to ‘hard drugs’ & is an unacceptable evil that only prohibition can resolve… BUT not for even a second do I accept this !!
I again state; I do not promote drug use, BUT I will never promote PROHIBITION as any kind of solution.. Education, health care & treatment (if needed) is a better option.

In a very recent discussion, someone asked me “BUT, is it really worth all the effort ?” & I replied “YES !!”

so once more I say “It IS time to END THE DRUG WAR in Aotearoa/NZ & the world” SO, Please join me, IF you dare..

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