Quiet Frustration !

I just watched another story on ’60 minutes’ (current affairs).. the explosion of the cannabis industry in Colorado, with:

1) many warehouses growing industrial amounts of ‘bud’ for both medicinal & recreational (R21) use

2) cannabis dispensaries in many towns & cities

3) cannabis social clubs, were the drug can be consumed by anyone over 21

The ‘authorities’ are still a bit nervous about the whole thing, BUT now accepting of the reality, BUT all the while knowing, a change of President/political party could bring it all tumbling down ?

BUT.. here in ‘BACKWARD’ Aotearoa/NZ, I hear that the Police are calling on ‘good citizens’ to advise them of any illegal cannabis being grown & still over 5,000 busts per year (for personal use/possession), in a country with amongst the highest usage/arrest rates per capita. I sit in ‘quiet frustration’ hoping/dreaming, things may change one day soon, OR I’ll just save up & go for a trip

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