Human Rights Abuse

I often hear that many ‘western nations’ including Aotearoa/NZ are criticising other nations (In Asia, middle East & Latin America etc.) for ‘human rights abuses’. One of the most often mentioned is North Korea.. which is apparently a Stalinist Fascist-style dictatorship. BUT:

I hear that North Korea has legalised Cannabis (?)
Whereas NZ (which says it is a ‘free country’) has amongst the most draconian ‘zero-tolerance’ attitudes to the drug.. even though we have very high levels of use & many recent polls show over 70% of respondents support law reform !

It’s easy to sit on the moral high ground & condemn others.. BUT what do you call a regime; that arrests, criminalizes & punishes its citizens (including Prison) just for possession of a plant ? To my mind, it could easily be termed ‘Human Rights ABUSE !!’

There are some who see all drug use, as abuse.. not to be tolerated.. BUT what does this say about their state of mind, especially when they control the nation’s legislation & refuses to even listen to the majority, or publically debate the issue ??

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