UN warns USA

I read that the UN INCB (Int’l Narcotics Control Board) is warning the USA Federal Govt. & other countries (Uruguay, Portugal etc.) that they are contravening their Int’l commitments to Drug Control policy (under the UN Convention 1961). The report I read, says the INCB has stated that the USA should not move to allow ‘Marijuana’ to be legalised at the national/federal level.

It’s interesting that not only have 4 USA states now passed legislation to effectively regulate the sale & personal use of the drug (R21) but now Washington DC (Federal capital) has moved this way also.

I also read that the Police ‘officials’ in Colorado are opposed to the state laws & saying that they are effectively ‘between a rock & a hard place’ with contradictions between the state & federal laws.

Fingers crossed that these moves to legalise adults only personal use, continue to roll on. I hear that many of the 23 states that allow medicinal use are debating going further to allow similar legislation to Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon & now DC. I also read that other states (currently under prohibition) are also looking at law reforms too !

It seems that this momentum is increasing.. BUT the biggest hurdle is the outdated/’past-its-useby-date’; Single convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961. It is time to throw it into the dustbin of failed policies & move forward. The world has changed over the last 54 years & it is time that this was recognised.. not just ignored & continually ‘swept under the carpet’ & hidden, in fear of any change to the status quo.

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