News from frontlines

I hear that the Prime Minister of Australia has made several comments about the 2 Aussies due for execution, by firing squad in Indonesia, convicted on Drug importation charges.. ‘Please.. Don’t shoot them !’

I think Mr. Abbott needs to be reminded that his Govt. & many others (including Aotearoa/NZ) signed up to the global ‘War on DRUGS’ & the reality is: people DIE in War !

Of course the whole issue is; that it is not really a ‘War on Drugs’ because cannabis plants & joints, ecstasy tablets, lines of cocaine & needles of Heroin, cannot take up arms & return fire. It is actually a ‘War on Druggies‘ (those who manufacture, deal & use ‘Illegal’ drugs)

I guess one thing, can be said in support of Mr Abbott’s pleas.. these people could be called ‘Prisoners of War’ (POWs) & under the Geneva conventions (War protocols) you ‘do not execute prisoners’ BUT that is not the reality of this situation.

I also hear that the ‘Drug warriors’ (Police) are becoming increasingly militarised & that several of the young ‘black-men’ gunned down in USA recently, were originally ‘stopped & frisked’.. on suspicion of DRUG possession !

SO, IF Mr. Abbott & other ‘power-brokers’ really, DON’T want to see these two men executed.. then maybe it is time they called for the ‘ARMISTICE’ in this long-running & seemingly unending; WAR ?

The lines of the song say “WAR.. what is it good for.. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ! say it again..”

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