Yet another nothing reply

Today, I received a reply from the office of the Minister of Justice, to an email I sent in January.. concerning her nonsensical comments about medicinal cannabis in Aotearoa/NZ (effectively prohibited/zero-tolerance in the natural form).

The reply reaffirms that this Govt. has no intention to change any laws in this area. I’m not sure if that is a ‘full stop’ or just in the current term ?

It does again mention the strictly controlled, use of ‘Sativex’ (extract) that IS available for some conditions.. IF you jump through all the hoops first, unlike most medicines that are just prescribed by registered medical practitioners (Doctors), with no further barriers.

It finished with some waffle about their party-line.. again no moves to allow the medicinal or therapeutic uses of cannabis. “SHAME on them !!!!”

BUT.. I have to seriously think (in-light of overseas issues) that this Govt. IS fully in support of the Black-Market ?

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