a Holy day

On one of the most ‘holy days’ in the catholic/christian calendar.. (BUT actually an adopted PAGAN festival – Ishtar’s Day) I just wonder why the church is amongst the greatest condemners of Cannabis & ‘other drugs’ (but not alcohol, their sacrament ‘blood of Christ’ )..

Where in the scriptures does it say ‘thou shalt not consume or shall prohibit cannabis ?’ that God supposedly created

In fact, if the bible is to be believed; it says in Genesis that ‘the earth brought forth GRASS, the HERB yielding seed.. & God saw it was Good !’
God tells Adam & Eve that they may freely eat of all the plants in the garden (except the fruit of the TREE of knowledge of Good & Evil..), SO.. surely this must include cannabis & the wide range of psychotropic plants ? (unless as some have suggested, it IS this forbidden TREE.. But it is not a tree, so I doubt this)

In Ezekiel, it says ‘I will raise up for them a ‘plant of renown’ & they shall be no more consumed with hunger..’ (the munchies) again some claim this maybe cannabis.

In Exodus it lists the ingredients for the ‘Holy Anointing Oil’ (used to anoint Kings & High priests & to cast out demons etc.) this oil included a plant named as ‘Kanabosm’ (or Kaneh-bosm) translated as a sweet fragrant cane, with psychoactive properties. The King James Bible has it listed as ‘Calamus’.. but modern Hebrew scholars say it is a mistranslation & this Kanabosm IS Cannabis !!

So.. why does the church continue to condemn this ‘gift from God’ ?

Even other Religions : Hinduism, Rastafarian & even some early Islamic sects revere this plant for its Holy properties also.

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