Conspiracy ‘theory’

I often hear in the media.. the latest conspiracy ‘theory’ : Illuminati plan for a ‘One world Govt.’, Moon landings faked, 9/11 was it perpetrated by US Govt. to give them an excuse to ramp up their ‘war of terror’. The latest I’ve heard is ‘FEMA camps’ : apparently there are ‘concentration camps’ being built in USA & UK etc. for an intended ‘state of emergency’ that is being planned to round-up the masses & ‘warehouse’ them in these camps..

BUT the one conspiracy that is clearly NOT a theory is the one perpetrated against HEMP (under the guise of the ‘war on drugs’ with cannabis deemed ‘public enemy #1’). The alleged chief conspirators were/are :

1) The Mellon Bank (led by Andrew Mellon) : funded research into fossil fuels & petro-chemical industry
2) Harry Anslinger; appointed by Mellon (as Treasury Secretary) as first head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics
3) Hearst Newspapers (W R Hearst) that ran the media campaign to demonise Cannabis/Hemp (under the slang name ‘MARIHUANA’) & promoted paper from wood-chips (causing massive pollution from dioxins)
4) DuPont Chemicals that invented many of the synthetic alternatives to products made from Hemp. These are now poisoning the planet. They supply many of the pesticides & fertilisers used by the cotton industry.
5) ‘Big Pharma’, ‘Big Tobacco’ & ‘Big Alcohol’ that helped fund the campaigns against cannabis (medicines & recreational uses) that also competed with their products
6) The fossil fuel industry that provide the raw materials, that are polluting the planet & the primary source of the gases, causing climate change
7) Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush (Snr), Bill Clinton, GW Bush etc. who started/maintained the global Govt. attacks on cannabis/hemp
8) Current Law Enforcement/prohibition industry, that still lead the charge to maintain prohibition (Job protection) that was started by Anslinger
9) The right-wing media who mostly support/promote the ‘demonising’ message & the war on drugs

I could probably add a few more… Again I give thanks to Jack Herer (RIP) & many others who have opposed this misinformation & tried to enlighten the public on the biggest threat to the planet & the human race : caused by Ignorance & Govt. control & lies !!

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