People get ready

“People get ready.. a train is comin'” (don’t you miss it)

In about 12 months the United Nations General Assembly is due to host a ‘Special Session’ on International Drug Control Policy : April 2016

“Calling ALL activist, supporters & anyone who does not agree with the status quo (PROHIBITION & War on Drugs).. time to stand up & get busy !”

Write to your local politician, protest on the streets & tell them what you think.. do it ASAP.. Apathy & Indifference will only end in ‘more of the same’ !!

IF we miss this opportunity.. it may not come again for a decade or more.
There does appear to be a movement in some parts of the world (not Aotearoa/NZ yet) to end the drug war & look at more sensible options; health care NOT criminal justice..

“Get up, stand up.. stand up for YOUR RIGHTS” (thus sang Bob)

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