from the frontlines

I see on the TV news that the two Australian members of the ‘Bali-9’ have failed in their latest appeal to the Indonesian authorities, to commute their sentences.. they still face the death penalty (by firing squad).

I hear they are intending to appeal again.. but it definitely sounds like their time, is running out.

This further bolsters the questions, about the rationale for the draconian & zero-tolerance approach to the Drug war.
Why are two legal drugs, deemed OK & promoted, when we all know they cause thousands of deaths annually ? Yet other drugs are dealt with completely differently & traffickers potentially face death in some countries, if caught !

“CRAZY MAN !!”.. oh yes it’s called; a ‘double standard’
Its interesting, that in many western nations, tobacco is losing its popularity.. but in Asia (where illegal drugs are dealt with most harshly) this legal drug is consumed at all time high levels.. propaganda rules ‘OK’ ?

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