Fantasy Land

I just watched the latest TV debate/interviews on drug issues in Aotearoa/NZ : synthetics ONLY

The minister responsible for Drug policy stated that these drugs are NOT readily available through the black-market & due to current UN conventions, he will not look at any law reform for natural cannabis.

They then, interviewed the head of the ‘Star foundation’ who previously marketed these synthetics, prior to the current ban. He said they are researching new ‘safer alternatives’ that will be non-addictive & ‘low risk’ (as per the legislation). He also stated clearly that the synthetic market is ‘alive & well’ & that these drugs ARE being manufactured & also imported into NZ. He also mentioned that during alcohol prohibition in USA (1920s) the stronger, distilled spirits were readily available (rather than Beer & wine) because they were easier to produce & more lucrative (sounds familiar)

I for one, think the minister is either pushing deliberate misinformation, or he is living in a Fantasy Land, where everything is wonderful & nobody does anything wrong !

At the end of the show, a media panel made the following points: natural cannabis is in a drought, because it is easier to source & supply synthetics & the black-market gangsters are preferring to do so because they are easier to avoid detection (do not contain THC, which is the main compound detected by ‘drug dogs’ at customs)

I actually wonder whether this is a deliberate ploy to get ignorant kiwis hooked on synthetics (rather than allow safer natural cannabis) ??

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