Are we Kiwis or Ostriches ?

The common symbols of Aotearoa/NZ are usually : The Silver Fern & the Kiwi (bird).. BUT in regard to the Cannabis debate.. we look more like OSTRICHES !

I downloaded the 2014 UN report on ‘Drugs & Crime’ & Aotearoa/NZ is broadly included with Australia in the ‘Oceania’ group. The only thing I notice, at first glance, is that Cannabis use is still at amongst the highest levels (per capita) & arrests are also high. The main thing that stands out is that most other countries in so-called ‘developed world’, are moving away from zero-tolerance.. BUT our current Govt. is just repeating the tired/outdated mantra “WAR ON DRUGS” & refusing to look at other options.. so this is my analogy; sticking their head in the sand, hoping the ‘scary monster’ will just go away (I can’t see it.. so maybe it can’t see me) “How BLOODY RIDICULOUS !”

Come on KIWIS, its time to pull your heads out & have a look.. it is not so scary.. HO HUM

“.. all we are saying.. is “Give Peace a Chance”….” (John Lennon RIP)

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