Speed Kills

There has been another series of TV Ads. portraying ‘stoned drivers’ & the DANGERS of driving under the influence of DRUGS.. BUT specifically cannabis ! The Ads. show people buying cakes & fast-food takeaways (munchies).. one, has a asian couple who run the fast food shop saying ‘we know he smokes the funny tobacco’ he then goes & gets behind the wheel of his motor vehicle & a sign fills the screen about ‘the harms of DRUG DRIVING !!’

I remember a series of TV Ads. from many years ago, that used the slogan ‘Speed Kills’ targeting.. wait for it : aggressive alcohol-fueled drivers.. if truth be known the majority (by far) of drug-related road deaths are attributed to alcohol, but often downplayed OR over-looked.

This Ad. led to a one liner : ‘SPEED KILLS… so do other DRUGS’ moving the focus to illegal amphetamines. BUT if you look at overall drug-related deaths (not just on the road):

1) Tobacco
2) Alcohol
3) Heroin & Opiates
4) Barbiturates & Amphetamines
5) Other pharmaceuticals


Cannabis : ZERO-tolerance & ZERO official Deaths !
where is the sense in that ?

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