Aust. Medicinal Trials

I read that two more states: Queensland & Victoria, have joined New South Wales (NSW) in Cannabis Medicinal Trials.

The trials will be to look into potential treatment, for ‘drug-resistant’ Epilepsy (already being prescribed in other countries)

The Australian Medical Association of Queensland (spokesperson) said : ‘.. it supported scientific trials into the use of medicinal cannabis’

& this; “We think it is a great idea – we’ve always wanted to get further evidence to see if this is something we can use, medically or not”

“Hopefully with the trials we’ll find out what components of the cannabis itself is the useful ones for medical treatment”

I guess this is good news.. but are they just ‘reinventing the wheel’ ?

Cannabis is already being used medicinally in many ‘western countries’ : Canada, USA, Europe etc. (had been used for 1000s of years prior to prohibition in 20th century)

BUT.. I’m not holding my breath, that NZ will follow suit anytime soon.. the minister (resp. for Drug policy) recently announced, that the evidence for medicinal cannabis is ‘UNDERWHELMING’ (he even suggested it was just an excuse to ‘legalise marijuana’, but.. he did sponsor Synthetic cannabinoids for personal use !).. he obviously has his OWN agenda !

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