Making History

I watched the news stories with interest over the weekend.. 100 years since the historical defeat of ANZACs at Gallipoli. Whilst it was a remembrance for the ‘fallen’, one thing caught my eye; they said that the current war in Afghanistan was/is the longest conflict in the last century.. BUT then at many services, there were Police with dogs & I thought, the WAR on DRUGS is really the longest running ‘conflict’ in the last 40 years & more !

They gave statistics of the numbers who died or were injured at ‘ANZAC cove’ in Turkey.. BUT I wonder how many have died or have been injured.. OR incarcerated in the Drug War. These people are rarely mentioned, except in derogatory terms. I doubt many, arrested or killed in this WAR will ever get a medal for service.. the Police/customs are the only ones ever given any praise (Double-standard)

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