Sad news story

Just reading a sad news story on another site.. about a woman who died of cancer. She was apparently allergic to opiates & her doctor seemed unaware of cannabis (as a medicinal option). It says she suffered chronic pain & lack of sleep. The story says she finally received cannabis oil (in tablet form) just 10 days before she passed away.

This just verifies the total nonsense that is occurring here in Aotearoa/NZ (based on the ongoing misinformation around cannabis/’marijuana’)). In many western nations, patients can get access to cannabis drugs (natural herb & extracts) just on the prescription of a GP & from a dispensary. BUT here, there is only Sativex (a pharm. extract), as far as I’m aware.. & there is a three stage approval process; A GP has to refer to a specialist & then IF agreed, it is referred to the Minister of Health (for final approval.. jumping through unnecessary hoops). Unlike most pharmaceutical drugs (including opiates) which only need a GP prescription. Then there is the final injustice.. it is not covered by the Govt. ‘Pharmac’ subsidies program & costs >$1000/month.

Surely this is the real ‘Reefer Madness’ !
The minister responsible for drug policy, has recently stated that the ‘leaf’ drug will not be available in Aotearoa/NZ (on his watch) as it has potential to open the floodgates to recreational use (TOTAL B-S). The reality is NZ, already has amongst the highest use rates of Cannabis (& the most draconian zero-tolerance attitudes) in the world.

The story closes with this: ‘My wife was a wonderful person who worked hard & contributed much to our society during her life, she is much-loved & deeply missed by many-medical cannabis should have been an option & I hope in the near future it will be. Some people are suffering needlessly.’ (signed by her husband).

I agree 100%.. I added a comment to the blog post & finished it with : LOBBY, LOBBY, LOBBY !

I again said ‘the Berlin Wall'(of cannabis law reform) is falling & it will reach these shores sooner of later (fingers crossed).

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