Whose responsible ?

I listened last evening to the talk-back radio debate.. one topic was the apparent, immediately pending execution of two Australian citizens in Indonesia, by firing squad.. the leaders of the ‘Bali-9’ drug-ring.

These men were arrested in Indonesia about a decade ago, exporting heroin out of Bali, to Australia. As a result of the extremely draconian laws.. they were sentenced to DEATH !

Three things were mentioned on the topic:

1) one man has apparently just married his girlfriend.. some callers suggested, maybe to get clemency ?

2) there are allegations that the convicted men were told, that if they paid $100k (in bribes) the sentences could be reduced to prison terms ?
It was also mentioned that recently paroled Aust. ‘drug runner’ (Schapelle Corby) may have been involved in similar unsuccessful bribery talks too.

3) the Bali-9 were arrested at the airport.. BECAUSE the Indonesian customs were ‘tipped off’ by the Aust. Federal Police. This is interesting in that; the Aust. Govt. has been trying hard to get leniency (for a situation of their making) & If the men had passed through Bali & been arrested in Australia (where they intended to sell the drugs) they would likely only have faced a prison term.. maybe now eligible for parole ?

There is the old saying ‘do the crime.. do the time’ BUT is the death penalty really fair/appropriate for drug trafficking ?
I don’t think so, whilst these men were involved in the illegal drug trade, they were not forcing anyone to take these drugs.

In an ideal world (a level playing field) one may ask; “when are the CEOs of ‘Big Tobacco’ & ‘Big Alcohol’ going to be sentenced for all the harm/deaths they are responsible for ?”

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