Govt. report

I just downloaded a Govt. select committee report, answering a petition of 2000 kiwis calling for Cannabis law reform. The petition was calling for :

1) legal regulation of cannabis for personal use (R18)

2) allow home-growing

3) establish a system of regulated taxable sales, similar to alcohol

It goes on to talk about, taking it out of the hands of organised crime & reducing associated crime. It talks about limiting access to people (esp. those under 18 years) with a focus on reducing harm. It states that these issues, including medicinal use are supported by a majority of New Zealanders..
BUT; the Govt. reply in the report, basically reaffirms their tired/outdated mantra “no relaxing of drug laws”. It does mention that a ‘new policy’ statement will be released in mid-2015. I for one am not expecting anything startling from it !

btw; The Govt. are debating Justice issues & it has been mentioned that a private prison is opening, south of Auckland.. I’m guessing the majority of the inmates will be ‘drug offenders’ & without the current laws, they would likely struggle to maximise their profits (call me cynical)

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