Change of heart

In-light of the recent executions in Indonesia of most of the ‘Bali-9’.. there appears to be a ‘change of heart’ by many, who previously seemed to applaud these very draconian laws.. I still remember people (even in Aust. & NZ) saying, they agreed that Ms Corby (cannabis importation- about a decade ago) also be executed, but the prosecution only managed to secure a lengthy prison term. Even though in Aust. or NZ she would likely have only received a few years incarceration !

Yesterday the NZ parliament passed a motion ‘condemning the executions of these convicted drug smugglers’. This is in agreement with the Aust. Govt. who also are making similar noises. BUT the fact remains, that it was their Govt. agency that tipped off the Indonesian customs.

In saying that, I am always glad to hear that there is a ‘softer approach’ to illegal drugs. (esp. cannabis use)

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