More SYNTHETIC Madness

I just watched a current affairs story on ‘Maori TV’. The item says that a new range of ‘safe’ synthetic drugs are possibly on the horizon & could be on-sale in Aotearoa/NZ in 12-18 months. I can’t for the life of me believe what I’m hearing.. ‘more synthetic madness’ They interviewed a few people who said these things (paraphrased) :

1) a previous user of synthetics (when they were legal-short term) : ‘many are looking forward to these drugs returning to sale’.. he said they are already widely available on the black-market anyway

2) a community leader, who basically pushed all the negative stereotyping, often attributed to natural cannabis: gateway to hard drugs, causes mental & physical harm etc.

3) a law centre CEO who reaffirmed that these synthetics are harmful & their communities are not going to welcome them back !

4) the head of the company that previously introduced these ‘legal’ synthetics (prior to the recent ban). He stated he is working to ensure the new range will be much safer, than opiates, meth (P) etc. BUT failed to say anything about NATURAL cannabis..

In fact all those being interviewed seemed to be deliberately ‘stepping over’ the issue of regulating natural cannabis.. why is this so ?

btw; I saw a short news item on a regional TV news show.. showing the local J-day (on saturday) about the only footage, I’ve seen from either; here in NZ or overseas. ‘Ignore it & it might go away ?’ (methinks, is the new media strategy)

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