Open the umbrella

An umbrella is used to shelter from the rain (or sun) but it can also be a way to pull people together in unity.

There are several pro-law reform cannabis groups in Aotearoa/NZ. I have had talks with members from a few.. but they seem hesitant to unify, BUT this is what is needed; strength in unity !!

1) a few factions of NORML (National Organisation for Reform of Marijuana Laws)

2) a couple of political parties have policies that support decriminalisation or legal regulation

3) a few medicinal cannabis groups; including ‘Green-Cross’

As I said, I attended the local J-day.. but it was hardly impressing me as something the politicians would sit-up & take notice of. I have heard that over 50% of adult kiwis admit trying cannabis (potentially over 1 million people) & about 15-20% apparently use the drug on an ongoing basis (at least monthly ?) according recent UN report amongst the highest level per capita in the world.
I saw a picture of a protest march in Canada, a whole street was jam-packed.. this is the sort of protest we need here.. but without the ‘umbrella’ we are unlikely to get it ?

There have been several recent media polls that show between 70-85% of respondents support some level of law reform, BUT our ‘power brokers’ keep saying ‘not enough support’ & the tired mantra ‘NO relaxing of drug laws’… whilst about to open a private prison 😦

Aotearoa/NZ seems stuck in the 1970s ‘War on Drugs’ mentality.. with very little initiative to catch up to the changes occurring elsewhere.. “what a SHAME”

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