Private prison opening

I watched the photo-op. on TV yesterday, with the NZ minister of corrections & CEO of the contract company. The NZ Govt. has just spent $100millions to build a fully PRIVATE PRISON & give a $multi-million contract to turn prisoners into ‘tradable commodities’
The company also runs the remand prison in Auckland.. which according to some sources has high assaults, escapes & illegal drug use rates, but the Govt. says is running to all their requirements ?

The new prison will have : Computers & phones in every cell, is contracted to make furniture & other items for a large hardware (private contract) company, whilst paying the prisoners a pittance. The report said that it will ‘up-skill the prisoners’ ready for release & other work opportunities. (fair enough)

The one thing I am very concerned about: Aotearoa/NZ incarcerates amongst the highest level of ‘drug offenders’ (per capita) in the western world (most for possession) & still is ‘bucking the trend’ by maintaining a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach to NATURAL cannabis (herb).. why is this so ?
Is it possible that the majority of the ‘trade’ in this private prison will be in ‘warehousing’ these ‘drug offenders’ ??

Call me cynical.. but “I sez what I seez” 😦

The other issue.. IF this company is making $multi-million profits, how can it be saving money for tax-payers ?

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