Divide & Conquer.. again

I was very pleased to hear that the Assoc. Minister of Health is to ‘review’ Medicinal cannabis laws, BUT is he really just playing ‘power games’: Divide & Conquer ??

The statement appears to be that he will consider medicinal use only.. but not any moves on personal use.

I had a short email exchange with a member of the medicinal group involved with this. He seems also totally opposed to any idea of regulated, personal use. He even went so far as to say:
‘I think Dunne is onboard with med, but he is very anti recreational, so we need to violently separate the 2 issues to make traction’

Whilst I do agree that (as in other countries) the first steps to law reform have been via Medicinal use.. any talk of ‘violently’ doing anything does not get my support ! 😦

Again I reiterate my preferred option : ‘Strength in unity’

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