Civil War

I listened to a radio report, discussing the increase in Police shooting of young black men in USA.

The following issues were highlighted :

1) Police recruitment seems to focus on attracting people who support aggressive law enforcement

2) a large amount of Police training is focused on seeing every situation as potentially life threatening

3) since the 1970s ‘Law ENFORCEMENT’ has taken a more confrontational approach to every situation, even random ‘stop & frisk’ etc.

4) the reason why young black men are, by far more involved in Police confrontations, is due to high unemployment & lower economic situations. This leads many into petty crime: drug dealing & prostitution etc.

5) prior to the 1970s (War on Drugs) police were encouraged & trained to diffuse situations.. but this has changed

6) there has been a huge increase in military-style equipment & response techniques

7) a large majority of front-line police are WHITE males

8) increasing numbers have seen recent military/war zone action in the middle east etc.

BUT; the most obvious thing being.. ‘fighting fire with fire !’ They also stated that in real war zones, it is expected that people will die on both sides, but the police apparently take the opposite approach, that only the ‘criminals’ will die (in certain situations). It almost sounded like they are taking on the role of : judge, jury & even executioner !!

The War on Drugs, to my mind.. seems to have become an ongoing Civil WAR.

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