I read that NZ police have recently seized 268 cannabis plants (various sizes & levels of maturity) in a ‘grow-room’ & 1.4 kgs of ‘dried cannabis’ at an address in Auckland. The report says that the BUST occurred not by design, but just by accidental discovery, whilst the officers were investigating another incident in the area. I hear that quite a number of ‘busts’ happen this way; ‘I can smell cannabis’ then invoke the warrant-less search for illegal drugs law.

BUT; the reality is that Aotearoa/NZ has a high level of cannabis use (forbidden fruit mentality) & police are likely just scratching the surface.. even though the tax-payer apparently pays over $100million per annum on this ‘endeavour’. Surely it is time they accept that the ‘War on Drugs’ (mostly cannabis possession in NZ) is a futile exercise & a total waste of time & resources.

As has been stated recently in a press release by the NZ Cannabis party; it is time to look beyond this & take a fresh approach:

Legal regulation & taxation of a licensed cannabis market, as is increasingly occurring in many other western countries !

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