Operation Jasmin

I read that local NZ police have declared success in ‘Operation Jasmin’ part of the annual ‘sting’ to seize cannabis. The detective reported that about 2800 plants & a kilo of dried buds were found (including the use of NZ Air-force helicopters). The report says that 21 ‘offenders’ had 20 charges laid & 6 ‘warnings’. The spokesman stated :

1) ‘It’s a focus for us, to remove drugs off the streets. It was good to get that number of plants identified & destroyed’

2) ‘We are very pleased to recover that number of plants off the market. The follow on effects are positive on the community’

3) ‘The success of this operation will also reduce the harm this drug causes, particularly to our youth’

4) ‘Cannabis destroys lives & relationships & is responsible for causing significant harm each year when users turn to crime to fund their habits’

Well; all I can say is ‘What a load of rhetorical CRAP !’
Whilst I accept that any drug can be abused & cause harm, these statements are pointing the finger at cannabis as a major focus. It could almost be lines from ‘Reefer Madness’ AGAIN. The reality is Alcohol & Tobacco cause most of the ‘drug-related harm’ & are effectively overlooked. Also.. it is not just ‘youth’ who use cannabis, it is widely used across all age-groups from teens to grand-parents !

As I’ve stated many times; the NZ Police are not really looking for a solution, they are just trying to maintain the status quo (self interest).. ‘WAR on DRUGS’ 😦

I often wonder.. could these ‘seized drugs’ be used for medicinal purposes, (being reviewed by NZ politicians, but no actual commitment) rather than arbitrarily ‘destroyed’ (burned on a bonfire) to suit the drug war ‘zero-tolerance’ approach ?

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