Medicinal SHAME

I read that a NZ teenage boy is lying in an induced coma for nearly 2 months. He apparently has been diagnosed with severe epileptic seizures. So far the current treatments are failing to work. The option the family are calling out for, is ‘Cannabis Oil’ (high CBD content) as is being prescribed in many other countries.. but NOT in Aotearoa/NZ.

I read that as this drug is not available in NZ (the Govt. will not allow it be grown or made here), it will need to be procured overseas & the aprox. cost $US3,000 for 100ml. Then they will need approval to import this ‘illegal drug’ into NZ. A ministerial spokesperson stated ‘Policy over successive Govts. has been to not support the use of leaf cannabis or cannabis oil for medicinal use’… followed by a load of nonsense about not being able to standardise doses & potency.. meanwhile this boy & others, suffer because of ‘bureaucratic B-S & bickering’. The current minister has said they will review these policies, but nothing definitive seems on the horizon. To top it off the current PM stated ‘I just don’t agree with drugs’ (ignorance is bliss)
The only currently available cannabis drug in Aotearoa/NZ is ‘Sativex’ a pharmaceutical extract, that has high levels of THC (that causes the ‘high’) as well as CBD. It has been stated that for epileptic conditions, is not really suitable.

Meanwhile the ‘experts’ sit on their hands & hide behind excuses. Why don’t they just come clean & admit they are worried that this issue maybe damaging to their careers/reputations & that’s more important to them ! 😦

There is an online petition now running to call on the minister, to act & allow the drugs needed to treat this patient to either be manufactured or imported urgently. If you agree with my thoughts; then may I suggest you search & sign it ( website) ?

“Kia Ora & Kia Kaha” to this family/whanau & to all the others in the same boat. Also to those who support cannabis law reform 🙂

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