Decriminalisation – NO Chance

I read on another blog, that in short.. the current Govt. in Aotearoa/NZ has stated that there is ‘NO Chance of decriminalisation of cannabis in the forseeable future’. (not on the Govt. agenda, to quote the minister). The Prime Minister, when asked by a voter about the issue.. being accused of ‘just wanting to lock people up’ replied ‘Its not so much that.. I just don’t agree with DRUGS
It’s interesting; that I’ve heard he does agree with Alcohol though & even has financial investment in the wine industry ?

In the same blog post it effectively says that, whilst other political parties (in Parliament) are calling for debate & possibly a referendum.. none of them seem committed to any law reform (no recent debate or amendment legislation proposals) & are effectively just ‘sitting on their hands’ maybe hoping it will ‘just go away’. BUT Aotearoa/NZ (to state often heard stats.) has apparently amongst the highest levels of use.

I read more & more, that other OECD countries are moving away from prohibition & ARE adopting decriminalisation/legal regulation models. SO, I challenge the current NZ Govt. to state clearly, ‘for the record’ WHY they refuse to move on this issue ?

To be clear.. methinks the 121 people currently sitting in our Parliament; have just ‘lost touch’ with the common people OR are being ‘corrupted’ by corporations/lobby groups who do not wish to see a change to the status quo !! 😦

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