Medicinal Update

I have been watching & hearing quite a bit of stuff in the NZ media, over the last few days about this young man lying in an induced coma.. suffering seizures. The whole debate around the Medicinal use of Cannabis has come to the fore :

1) Aotearoa/NZ is lagging behind many other OECD countries that now legally allow this drug for medicinal purposes

2) the fear-mongering about ‘MARIJUANA’ & ‘Reefer Madness’ still cast negative clouds around the debate.. often by the staunch anti-law reform lobby

3) Why are doctors allowed to prescribe a whole raft of drugs (with negative side effects) including Opioids & Amphetamines, that are also widely used on the illegal black-market, BUT not Cannabis. This just highlights the double-standards

4) Politicians on the ‘opposition side’ of NZ politics are saying they support either the serious debate OR law reform, BUT none are prepared to ‘stick their neck out’ & demand action

5) Many in the media & politics, seem either unable or unwilling to seriously separate the two (Medicinal & personal uses) issues. This is muddying the waters on a way forward for the medicinal use.

6) Many commentators are still pushing the line ‘its just an excuse to legalise marijuana’ & refuse to take the blinkers off. One recently asked ‘BUT.. can they get high from this cannabis oil ?’ that’s the REAL fear ! (is it ?)
Another person said 99% of people calling for medicinal reform are really just pushing recreational use. (B-S)

7) The current Govt. & Prime minister will not even look seriously at the issue. It’s all just ‘too hard’ & they appear to fear damaging their careers by getting too involved. Meanwhile many people suffer from their total inaction.

Frankly I’m disgusted & horrified by this over-emotive hysteria & ignorance that is being shown in NZ, by supposedly intelligent people.

The young man’s mother recently led a protest outside the hospital, to highlight her sons plight. The latest news being, the medical profession & ‘officials’ are just ‘dragging their feet.’ 😦

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