Ministerial approval

The latest news, on the young man lying in an induced coma, from epileptic seizures; The minister has given final approval for ‘Elixinol’ (a cannabidiol oil) to be imported from USA as a potential treatment for his seizures (all current treatments have failed).

The big question to my mind:

“Why are they treating a ‘Class C’ drug (NZ law) with stricter prescribing rules than ‘Class A opiates’ (that doctors can prescribe without this NONSENSE) ?”

They seem to be treating the whole matter with the same over-emotive HYSTERIA that currently applies to Cannabis/’marijuana’ for recreational use. Surely register medical doctors can be trusted to prescribe a drug (supposedly LESS harmful than opiates) without all these overcautious, ridiculous rules. It sounds like they don’t trust the doctors.. do they think that they will be selling prescriptions, similar to a ‘black-market’ ?

FAR OUT MAN ! What is this minister on ? 😦

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