Approved ‘DRUG’

I have been seeing/hearing lots of ‘praise’ for the minister, who has now given a ‘one-off’ approval for treatment of a young man in an induced coma. The reports say that he was placed in a coma, to halt his ongoing epileptic seizures that were not responding to other ‘standard treatments’. It sounds like it was approved on ‘compassionate grounds’ as a ‘last resort’.

Cannabinoids are being widely used in other OECD countries to treat a range of illnesses/conditions & as a pain relief. Aotearoa/NZ is largely dragging the chain. Listening to the media, there is a range of views from ‘about time’ to ‘this will open the floodgates’ (& maybe the gates of HELL).

I was sent a picture of the ‘DRUG’ that this minister has given approval to try (at the highest level of Govt.) to find that ‘Elixinol’ is a HEMP Oil, with 18% CBD (Cannabidiol) the compound that is being used overseas to treat this illness. It contains a very minimal amount of THC (the compound that produces the ‘high’ that is so scary to many).. but here is the surprising thing:

It says clearly on the box it is a ‘DIETARY SUPPLEMENT’, sold over the counter in USA (without a prescription).. it is NOT ‘Medical Marijuana’ as many were saying & will not likely cause any negative ‘side effects’.

I hope that it does have a positive effect for this young man. (when he finally gets it)

BUT the thing I find totally astonishing is the ‘over-exaggerated HYSTERIA’ this has caused in NZ. Cannabis is a Class C drug in NZ, but Doctors cannot prescribe it. Morphine (Opiates) are Class A (deemed more harmful) & yet they can prescribe as they see fit.. GO FIGURE

In the end I think it’s still surrounded by the clouds of MISINFORMATION created by the propaganda of ‘Reefer Madness’ etc.

Aotearoa/NZ needs to ‘drop the chain & get into the 21st century.. join the rest of the OECD’ ! :/

btw; Hemp is legal to grow in Aotearoa/NZ (under license). Methinks there is other agendas at work here..

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