Synthetic assault

I read that a man has been prosecuted for assaulting a police officer. His defence lawyer stated he was withdrawing from ‘Synthetic Cannabis’.

I find it interesting that the NZ minister for ‘Drug policy’ actively promoted synthetic drugs (aka ‘Legal highs’) but refuses to consider natural herb cannabis.. he even said that these synthetics would likely pass the test of ‘low risk’, but said the ‘natural plant’ would probably not ?!

Here’s my take :

1) I hear that many people have been treated in hospital A&E depts. due to respiratory & even psychological (anxiety) issues, directly attributed to these synthetic drugs

2) There are many cases of people acting aggressively whilst under the influence of these synthetics (more like alcohol)

3) Most of the so-called ‘Reefer Madness’ attributed to ‘natural cannabis herb’ is anecdotal & often hysterical over-exaggeration

4) there are no ‘officially recorded deaths’ attributed directly to the ‘natural herb’

5) In my experience people who smoke ‘natural cannabis’ occassionally suffer anxiety BUT do not get violent or aggressive from it. In fact usually the opposite (happy & friendly)

This just shows that this minister lacks any real credibility on this issue. I think he should resign on the grounds of incompetency ! 😦

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