Medicinal trial

I read that the young man (Alex Renton), who was placed in an induced coma due to epileptic seizures, (that were not responding to ‘standard treatments’).. has now started receiving CBD oil (cannabinoids) as a ‘last resort’. This sounds like the first ‘official’ medicinal trial in Aotearoa/NZ. The minister has said ‘this will NOT set a precedent’ & is apparently a ‘one-off approval’ of a substance that in USA is available without a prescription & is listed as a dietary supplement. I just wonder whether other people in NZ, who are currently being treated with ‘Sativex’ (the only currently available prescription cannabis drug) will now be allowed to also receive this or other CBD oils..that are apparently more appropriate for treatment of Epilepsy, especially in children.

I wish Alex (& his wahanau) well & hope this trial of CBD has a positive outcome for his illness. 🙂

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