Call to legalise MDMA

I see a TV news story.. a doctor in Aotearoa/NZ is calling on the Govt. to legalise MDMA (Ecstasy). The report said that this doctor, stated that Alcohol is by far more harmful. His recommendations are also confirmed & backed up by the NZ Drug foundation.
The report said the doctor is due to meet with the Minister (resp. for Drug Policy) next week. The minister briefly addressed reporters & said “I think the reality is, that stricter rules need to be added to Alcohol” (paraphrased) A very narrow-minded view & effectively rejection of any moves beyond the status quo (Prohibition) !

It was also reported that MDMA was a legal pharmaceutical prior to the 1970s, when it found its way to the illegal black-market. The head of the Drug foundation said that it was time that alternative recreational drugs were being made available (adults only).. I agree 100% we currently lack any ‘freedom of choice’
Not only does Aotearoa/NZ have high levels of illegal drug use (UN report) but also excessively high levels of Alcohol addiction/abuse.

I saw a report that aprox. numbers of Drug deaths in NZ (per year) :
1) Tobacco – 5000
2) Alcohol – 1000
3) ALL ‘illegal Drugs’ – less than 1000
4) Cannabis – ZERO

BUT the minister/Govt. just seem unwilling to remove their blinkers (as I’ve said many times). If they are genuine about ‘Harm Minimization’ then the status quo is NOT the way to achieve it. 😦

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