It’s a failed policy.. Prohibition

I hear increasing numbers of people saying ‘It’s a failed policy.. PROHIBITION’ & the extreme version: ‘ZERO-Tolerance’, BUT it is still at the forefront of many Govt. agendas; specifically here in Aotearoa/NZ. The tax-payers in this country, apparently spend over $100million/year on it.. BUT the country still has amongst the highest levels of ‘illegal drug use’ (mostly cannabis, but also Methamphetamines etc.) The ‘Prohibition industry’ is at the front of calling for ‘more of the same’ (status quo) in many political debates. BUT this FAILED policy is responsible for :

1) Creating a ‘forbidden fruit’ mystique around these ‘illegal drugs’ that actually attracts young people to try them.. rebel against authority

2) Branding many otherwise law-abiding citizen as CRIMINALS, often for little more than possession of a small quantity of cannabis for personal use. This conviction never goes away & can impact on: Job opportunities, Travel to other countries & Alienation by many who just see the word ‘Criminal’

3) A huge Black-market, that creates an atmosphere of criminality & negative stereotyping. Aotearoa/NZ has a large number of ‘criminal gangs’ that often come from the rebellious ‘Indigenous people’ (Maori & Pacifica). These groups are targeted by ‘LAW ENFORCEMENT’

4) Drug addicts need treatment.. BUT usually just end up being criminalised & often incarcerated.

5) Overcrowded prisons.. Aotearoa/NZ has just opened its first fully ‘Private Prison’ that will profit from turning inmates into a ‘tradable commodity’. I’m guessing many will be ‘drug offenders’.

As I’ve mentioned before.. IF Prohibition was working, we would see lower drug use & less arrests & incarceration. Other countries (Holland, Portugal, Uruguay & now USA etc.) are moving to a regulated market model. They ARE seeing criminal activity & overall use dropping. BUT as long as Law makers, continue to wear the ‘blinkers’ that keep them looking only, in the same direction.. nothing will change here.

The final point : in 1920s USA, Alcohol was prohibited. In 1933 this prohibition was repealed as a FAILURE & cause of all the same issues that have arisen around the currently ‘Illegal DRUGS’ (BUT specifically Cannabis) ! :/

Someone once said ‘If we don’t learn from the mistakes of the past.. we are doomed to repeat them’.. never was a truer word spoken says I&I

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5 Responses to It’s a failed policy.. Prohibition

  1. Other harmful aspects of the drug war that I’ve observed include discouraging true education and discussion about drugs by making it a taboo subject. Many people (esp. teens) going through experimental and rebellious phases will take drugs drugs despite knowing potential harmful effects. Society would be better served if we had better education regarding safer drug use protocols and treatment that can more effectively help drug abusers (as you mentioned). Also, drug warriors that make exaggerated claims regarding relatively benign substances such as marijuana do more harm for their cause than good,since it increases the odds that more reasonable claims about harder drugs won’t be taken seriously.

    • Zedd says:

      Thx for the comment.. I agree 100%
      The current regime, only creates a ‘forbidden fruit mystique’ around ‘Drugs’ & actually attracts rebellious youth to try them. (as I did, many moons ago)
      Education & open debate is the way forward.. not Prohibition. It didn’t work with Alcohol in 1920s USA & is creating all the same negative issues today with Cannabis etc. šŸ™‚

  2. Prohibiting drug use will backfire. If drugs were legal, some people may still use them. However, I think it is ignorant to claim that people who have used them will continue to do so. Now, if they stay illegal, that only gives people who use them license to give government the middle finger.

    • Zedd says:

      Thx Jeffrey for comment. The reality is the Drug war has only created a black-market, gangsters & corruption. This is worse than legal regulation, similar to Alcohol. I think the prohibition has just demonised these drugs, not stopped them being used.

  3. Zedd, I am not encouraging or promoting drug use. My beef is with people who use them without being held accountable and yet hypocritically want to punish people who do the same thing. As I said in another post, the war on drugs is a war on personal freedom, which you seemed to agree with. Prohibition is the lamest policy to ever exist.

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