‘One-off’ update

I read that the young man (Alex Renton) who was in an induced coma, for seizures.. is receiving increased doses of ‘Elixinol’ (CBD oil) & appears to be responding favourably. The news item says his sedation is being lifted & he is breathing on his own.. This is Great News ! I wish him & his whanau well & that he improves further.

The main concern, is the ministers statement that ‘this would not set any precedent’ on medicinal cannabis use in Aotearoa/NZ & that this is a ‘one-off’ approval. I believe there are several other epilepsy patients (including young children) who have been prescribed ‘Sativex’ (Cannabis extract) but it contains both CBD & THC (the compound that creates the ‘high’) & that this is not really appropriate. Surely IF the CBD is the compound, that is reducing epileptic seizures, then these patients would be better off being prescribed a CBD Oil (similar to Elixinol ?).
In another news item, I read the minister has said ‘Find a doctor who is open to Medicinal cannabis’ (to recommend it for approval). It does sound like he is ‘softening his zero-tolerance stance’ BUT only by the tiniest of steps. I also read that this option has always been available.. well why is it almost unheard of until now ?

I will continue to watch for further updates.. :/

btw Minister: Cannabis is hardly a ‘new drug’ that requires ‘further research’ & excessive caution. It has been used for 1000s of years & is being used widely overseas.. NOW

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